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Use the VIN Checker Pro tool to access comprehensive details on a vehicle’s accident history, previous ownership, and mileage history, including any rollbacks. This invaluable resource ensures transparency and informed decision-making when purchasing used vehicles.


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Risk Free vehicle purchase. Use VIN Checker before purchasing any used car.

This proactive approach helps you avoid unforeseen surprises and regrets, ensuring you make a well-informed decision. The VIN Check service offers a comprehensive free report through a VIN lookup tool, enabling you to assess a vehicle’s history thoroughly. With this information at your fingertips, you can confidently identify your ideal vehicle, verifying its accident history, previous ownership, and any mileage discrepancies. Make your next used car purchase with the utmost confidence, backed by detailed insights from VIN Checker Pro.

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Car VIN Checker Tool

Which countries are covered by VIN Check?

Our service spans a wide array of regions, including the USA, Asia, Africa, and Europe, ensuring comprehensive support for a variety of markets. Additionally, our extensive databases encompass detailed records of used car VIN histories across numerous European countries such as Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, France, the UK, Finland, and the Czech Republic, among others. This global reach allows us to provide our users with access to vital information on used vehicles from a broad spectrum of locations. Whether you’re buying a car locally or importing from abroad, our VIN Check service offers the peace of mind you need. With constant updates and expansions to our database, we strive to include even more countries and regions, making it easier for you to find reliable vehicle history information worldwide.

How to find VIN code location?

Did you know the meaning of VIN? VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is a unique 17-digit code, found on the dashboard near the driver’s side windshield. It typically appears as: 1HGCM5E1XF123456.

VIN code decoder. What it means

A VIN lookup is necessary for insurance purposes in case of theft or accidents. When selling a vehicle, include the VIN number in the listing. Learn about additional uses of a VIN decoder lookup by clicking here. Get your VIN number and a free VIN check report for Europe by clicking here. For checking vehicles in the USA, the National Insurance Crime Bureau tool is also effective.

How To Order VIN Checker Report?

It’s simple, and we’ve got you covered. Just input your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into our user-friendly form to gain immediate access to essential information about the used vehicle, including its comprehensive history and list of previous owners. For those requiring more in-depth insights, you have the option to obtain a full, detailed VIN report at no extra cost through our free VIN Checker service. This report provides an extensive overview, including accident history, mileage verification, and any potential rollbacks, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Our platform is designed to offer peace of mind by delivering accuracy and transparency directly to your fingertips. Start your journey towards a secure vehicle purchase today with VIN Checker Pro, your reliable partner in navigating the pre-owned car market.

What is a VIN Checker?

Check all available data on a vehicle using our VIN Checker. We access private, paid, and free databases for comprehensive information on Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and other vehicles. A VIN decoder lookup is a free tool that deciphers the motor vehicle identification number to reveal information on used cars. You can learn about body style, recalls, engine size, title information, vehicle history reports, model year, and much more, including unique car features.

Bad vehicle history lookup

Chassis number and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) refer to the same thing, sometimes referred to as a Chassis number as it’s often found in the chassis of a vehicle. A VIN decoder Europe is a 17-digit identification number assigned to all motor vehicles globally. Each VIN is unique and helps track and check a vehicle’s history report. Protect yourself from scams by verifying the vehicle title and odometer readings before buying.



Most frequent questions and answers
A VIN Check is a comprehensive report that provides detailed information about a used vehicle’s history based on its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It covers accident history, ownership details, mileage verification, and potential discrepancies like odometer rollbacks.

Yes, a VIN Check can reveal if a vehicle has been involved in any reported accidents, including details about the severity and parts of the car affected.

A VIN Check report typically includes accident history, previous ownership details, service and maintenance records, mileage verification, and information on any liens against the vehicle.

If the VIN Check report reveals problems, consider the severity and potential costs to repair. It may be wise to consult with a mechanic for an inspection or negotiate a lower purchase price, or you might decide to look for a different vehicle.

Yes, some services offer basic VIN Check reports for free, which provide an overview of the vehicle’s history. However, for a comprehensive report, you may need to pay a fee.

While particularly crucial for buying cars, trucks, and motorcycles, performing a VIN Check is a good practice for any used vehicle purchase, including RVs, boats, and commercial vehicles, to ensure transparency and avoid future issues.


Get a Free VIN Check before buying a car from countries like Germany, Italy, Portugal, etc. The complete vehicle history report provides information on specs, insurance documents, manufacturing details, market value, equipment, accidents, odometer history, and other records. Use our free VIN decoder for BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and other brands.


(1462+ completed checks)

VIN Checker offers VIN code checking service for Europe vehicles

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